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Why are you here?

As we discussed yesterday, one of the purposes of our "Not a Fan" campaign is to challenge every believer to really evaluate their relationship with Jesus and to decide no matter where the relationship is ... to go deeper.

If you read through the Gospels, Jesus, at different points in His ministry, would draw a preverbial line in the sand to separate the fans from the followers.  One such instance is in John chapter 6.  Jesus is in the height of His ministry and we read that large crowds were following Jesus.  He was very popular.  He was working miracles. He was providing food from just five loaves of bread and a few fish.  As a result, there were many in the crowds surrounding Jesus.   But Jesus, in verse 2, realizes why they were coming.  In verse 2, it just says they were coming "because of the miralces." In other words, the crowds were showing up because of the spectacle.  They didn't care as much about the teaching ... or about the life changing lesson.  They were there for the show.

Evaluation time: Why are you here?  What is your because?  Is it because you like the free food before Sunday classes?  Is it because you think the seats are comfortable ... and man are they ever more comfortable than Old Donation!? :)  Is it because you really like the upbeat music and exuberant worship?  Is it because you like the chit chat and that your kids can make friends easier here than at school?  Is it because you think the pastor is awesome? :)  Is it because you like the friendliness of the people?  Is that why you're here?  Don't get me wrong ... all of those are good reasons ... in fact their great ... for a while. But at some point ... you have to go deeper.  It has to become about relationship with Jesus. There has to be an honest evaluation ... the relationship between you and Jesus must be defined.  Why are you here?  Eventually the answer must be simply ... "because of Jesus".  Because I love him. Because I want to be close to Him.  Because I want to please Him.  Because I want to serve Him.  Because I want my life to be lived for Him.  It's time ... the invitation has been extended ... go deeper.  Practice more often that "Alone Time with God" Bishop Lashley taught about in our Prayer Conference.  

In that passage Jesus challenges the fans to a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him, and sadly in verse 66, here is what we read:
"From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him."

Many returned home because Jesus says, "Let's define what we've got here," and what He offered wasn't what they wanted.   He wants there to be a point where you define the relationship.  

Take sometime this morning and throughout your day today to truly examine where you and Jesus really are ... has it been more for the miracles, more for the show, more for what Jesus can do for you, more because you know it's what your supposed to do, more obligation, more it's the only thing I know ... or has it been more about relationship?  Why are you here?  Because why?  And make no mistake ... for Jesus, his because is that he wants to have a deep relationship with you!

~ Pastor
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